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The PhD in BioRobotics is a three-year programme that aims at educating highly competent researchers with the potential to be leaders in this area. The students are educated in a stimulating, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary environment. Doctoral research projects are carried on in very well equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories (in such fields as bio-robotics, micro- and nano-technology, biomimetics, prosthetics) and through personal and team work performed under the supervision of a committed full-time faculty. PhD students in BioRobotics are assessed by means of their publication and patent records. At the end of the programme, Doctors of Philosophy will possess solid scientific and engineering skills, the ability to conceive and carry out original research projects, and an autonomous entrepreneurship spirit.



Admission to the PhD programme is regulated by a public selection process. Applicants, regardless of age and nationality must hold a Master of Science Degree or equivalent title.
Admission takes place after the selection of candidates. The candidates will be admitted to the  programme according to the ranking (ranking criteria are set in the official call).



Candidates admitted to a PhD programme must enroll or decline their place in accord with the deadline and the manner that are communicated by mail from the administrative office.
In compliance with the law, students enrolled in a PhD programme are forbidden to enroll on other university programmes, unless they suspend their studies in one of the two programmes.


Scholarship Fellowships and Registration Fees

Students can be admitted to the PhD programme:

  • with a Scholarship (generally funded by the Ministry of Education and Reserach);
  • with a Fellowship (generally funded by a research grant).

There are no tuition fees for the enrolment to the PhD in Biorobotics.

PhD students are required to pay regional tax (for further information visit the section “FAQ and Supporting documents”).
Scholarship/Fellowship are renewed annually following a succesful assessment.
Compulsory Italian pension contributions (INPS “gestione separata”) will be deducted from the amount of each fellowship, as per current laws (further information available here).
During their PhD students may spend a period abroad. During the period abroad the amount of the Scholarship can be increased up to 50%. Usually the period abroad has a duration of 6 months.