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Management of Innovation - MAINS

Termine per l'iscrizione
Pisa, Italy
Maximum number of participants: 
Min. 15 – Max 24
Tuition fees: 
8.000 Euro. Early bird discounts and many scholarships from INPS and partner firms available
da 16.01.2019 a 18.12.2019
Training hours: 
1500 hours: lectures (900 hours) and internship (600 hours)

Application deadline

  • First round: on 8th October 2018 (for EU and NON-EU candidates);
  • Second round: on 6th November 2018 (only for EU candidates).


Course description

The Institute of Management of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna is proud to present a new edition of Master MAINS, now accepting applications for 2019. It is the first Italian master’s programme in innovation management: since 1991 it has trained high-potential leaders, together with outstanding partner companies.

MAINS is a multidisciplinary second lever Master’s course, now 100% taught in English. It aims at the development of future leaders in the field of management of innovation and represents one of the best gateways towards first-class careers in this area.

Partner firms are deeply involved in the program: many experts from the field hold classes as well as workshops. Furthermore, during “Innovation Lab” partner firms propose projects, which allow students to tackle real-life innovation issues: a fantastic opportunity to face with the development of new business models and understand the challenges behind the development of innovative activities.

The ‘real-life’ knowledge the students learn throughout the program is one of the key drivers of the extremely high placement success rate of MAINS graduates, which hold managerial roles in companies and institutions operating in the industrial, financial and service sectors. Master MAINS alumni start their career at top recruiting companies, in various paths: consulting firms, large manufacturing and services companies, financial institutions, Venture-Capital Funds and Financing of Innovation.

Course target

Master MAINS has been designed for high potential students who want to build competences in general management, and at the same time, aspire to have a strategic impact in the organization they will work for, operating in the area of innovation.

Applicants to Master MAINS must have already gained a 5 years university master’s degree at an Italian or foreign University, in all fields of studies. Students are also accepted provided that they have completed all the progress examinations before the beginning of the Master, and expect to obtain the academic qualification within spring 2019.

Only those who are under 31 (-years-old) on December 31st 2018 can apply for the Master MAINS Programme.

Applicants are required to have a good knowledge of English language.

Training objectives

Master MAINS is aimed at providing knowledge, methods and instruments focused on the management of innovation. As a complex and inspiring discipline, innovation requires critical thinking, skills and determination; that is why Master MAINS recruits bright students in a variety of disciplines and builds a real interdisciplinary environment, with the aim to develop a broad and in-depth understanding of innovation dynamics in the age of digital transformation.

To achieve this goal, Master MAINS provides a first-class curriculum, covering the diverse areas linked to innovation, from strategy and business model innovation to Big Data, R&D management, management of "industry 4.0” technologies, Project and Risk management, Knowledge and Change management, and many other topics. This wide range of courses allows the students to grasp all the mega trends in the innovation area, building both analytical and communication skills.

Students enrolled in the Master MAINS live a challenging intellectual and interdisciplinary experience, interacting with leading scholars, first-class partner firms, and the academic and business opportunities of Sant’Anna School.

Teaching methods

The teaching methods want to facilitate learning and the development of relational and leadership skills.

The training activities are structured mainly with face-to-face lectures, and are aimed at developing an active learning environment, where the teachers and students are actively engaged with the content through discussions, problem-solving and critical thinking and other activities that promote interaction among learners and instructors. Outdoor trainings are also organized, with extensive use of case studies, role playing, business games and simulations.

Other teaching methods (for example: on-line meeting, distance Learning, and e-learning) could be adopted at the discretion of the responsible of each teaching module.

Course programme

The Master Programme is organized in two parts:

  • a classroom training phase (for a total of 900 hours) from January 16th, 2019 to mid-July 2019 (class attendance is compulsory from Monday to Friday);
  • an internship phase (for a total of 600 hours) with the goal of integrating the teaching phase with direct experience in companies (mainly partners of the master MAINS) or in public entities: from September 3rd, 2019 to December 18th, 2019. The students shall produce a written dissertation (Master thesis) about the project work, carried out during the internship.

In particular, the training phase is structured in four main areas:





  1. Management:

Business Models, Managing Teams; Financial analysis: cost & performance; Organization and Human Resources Management; Marketing: conventional, non-conventional, neuromarketing; New Manufacturing in Industry 4.0; Business Marketing & Digital Supply Chains; Project and Risk Management; CSR & Sustainability Management.


  1. Technologies for business intelligence:

Databases & Business Intelligence; Big Data & Artificial Intelligence; Data Mining & Machine Learning.


  1. Innovation management:

Business Model Innovation; R&D and Innovation Management; Financing Innovation; Smart Services: Design & Management; E-business; Knowledge Management; Change Management.


  1. Innovation Lab:

Team composed of students, scholars and delegates of partner firms work together on new business models, developed on topics identified by the partner companies.


How to apply

Applicants shall submit their application exclusively on-line. The application deadline for the application is set in two rounds:

  • on 8th October 2018 (for EU and NON-EU candidates);
  • on 6th November 2018 (only for EU candidates).

For further information please download the call for application.

Course fee

The Master Programme enrolment fee amounts to € 8.000,00 (payable with instalments by April 1st 2019).

An early bird discount is reserved for candidates applying for the first round of selection set on 8th October 2018.

For early birds, the course fee is € 7.000 (payable with instalments by April 1st 2019).

Enrolment fees include the attendance of all the lessons, access to all didactic resources for the whole academic year, support to prepare the Project Work and the revenue stamp amounting to € 16.00 that shall be affixed to the Training and Orientation Internship Agreement and the diploma. Travelling expenses, board and lodging expenses are to be borne by each participant.


Grants which cover the enrolment fee, in full or in part, may be provided by public or private Institutions.

These grants are provided discretionally by the Selection Committee on the basis of the selection ranking, if they are not directly assigned according to the preferences of the financing institutions (as specified in detail in Art. 10, Call for application).

The Master MAINS may reserve 9 places in favour of winners of the INPS scholarship (after special agreements with the INPS Institute) who have obtained an evaluation of 60 out of 100 points or higher by the Committee. Italian candidates interested in INPS scholarship must apply to apply both on INPS website and on Master MAINS website by the deadline for application at the Master programme.

The Master MAINS may also reserve some places in favour of partner firms or affiliated Entities, following special agreements, for applicants who have obtained an evaluation of 60 out of 100 points or higher by the Selection Committee.

Attendance certificate

At the end of the Master Programme, the Institution issues a second-level University Master’s Degree, pursuant to art. 3 of Ministerial Decree No. 270/2004, as subsequently amended, to students who attended the entire training syllabus regularly and successfully - in accordance with the requirements specified in the Disciplinary Regulations - and who are up-to-date with the payment of the enrolment fee.


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